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Top 10 Famous Rhubarb Recipes Of 2021

Top 10 Famous Rhubarb Recipes Of 2021

rhubarb recipes

Rhubarb is a very special ingredient given its distinctively tangy taste and vivid pink color. The secret is for the chef to get everything right with regard to the rhubarb recipes. 

You can either puree, roast, poach, or stew the stalks of this nifty veggie. Whatever the case, it forms savory and delicious sweet drinks and dishes.  

The possibilities of using this vegetable are endless. You can use it in a zingy kabab source, fruity chutney, classic syllabub, and comforting crumble. This article will help you to learn the most famous rhubarb recipes the UK for 2021. 

Famous Rhubarb Recipes Of 2021

rhubarb recipes

There are basically two types of rhubarb recipes in the UK that are grown. The first one is forced rhubarb that is available from January running through to early February.  The rhubarb is usually grown under pots. Its flavor and texture are more delicate than the maincrop rhubarb.

 The maincrop rhubarb is normally available during spring from late March running through to June. The flavor of this rhubarb is deeper and it is grown much slowly outdoors. 

Each of the varieties is too acerbic to taste on its own. Therefore, you need to sweeten them by cooking with sugar. 

According to some individuals, roasted rhubarb is the best especially when you serve it with ice cream. However, there is so much more that comes with this rosy vegetable. Below is a list of the favorite rhubarb recipes. It represents a mixture of both the traditional and modern ways of serving rhubarb.  

1. Rhubarb Crumble 

Rhubarb crumble is a comfort food classic that is good to kick off. It is the ultimate pudding that you need to share with your friends and family. The recipe has a heavenly combination of creamy vanilla custard and sweet crumbly topping with a sharp fruity filling. 

You can also try additional crumble flavors like rhubarb and ginger, or strawberry crumbles and rhubarb with custard. You can also create other flavors of this delicious custard pie and rhubarb with butter crumble. 

2. Rhubarb And Custard Cake  

This recipe brings forth the reinvention of the classic combination of custard and rhubarb in a fruity and light cake. It utilizes homegrown rhubarb in order to maximize the flavor. It is a moist sponge that you really need to enjoy its slice. You can do so as you take your cup of tea or with a yogurt dollop as a desert. 

3. Rhubarb Gin 

The craze for gin has been on the upward trend. You will really love the rhubarb-infused version of this recipe. This recipe is super refreshing and instagrammable on a hot day. It is a pretty pink drink that goes down perfectly. 

Use a rich rhubarb cordial to mix up more zingy cocktails, sip on the fruity strawberry and rhubarb vodka or recreate the traditional flavors in a custard cocktail and rhubarb. 

4. Rhubarb and Date Chutney 

This is one of the rhubarb recipes that have so much that you can celebrate in it. The product offers a perfect blend of tartness and sweetness. For this spicy spread to develop a full-bodied flavor, you should allow it to mature for one month. 

It gives a perfect accompaniment to cold meats, poppadoms, pate, and cheers. It is also delicious when you slather it in sandwiches. If you are running short of time, you can go for the rhubarb chutney whose preparation only takes five minutes. 

5. Rhubarb And Custard Meringue Tart

This is a captivating rhubarb and custard meringue tart that makes impressive dinner party showstoppers. You can blitz part of the rhubarb and blitz it with the custard filling for an additional injection of flavor. 

You can then layer the stems that are remaining is a mosaic arrangement that is pretty pink. You can also tingle the mini-Italian meringues with rhubarb to create a graceful topping to crown your pudding. 

The crumble or tart can come from both the almond and rhubarb crumble art. The gingerbread and rhubarb ripple cheesecake topped with a delicious ginger and rhubarb compote forms another dazzling party dessert for your dinner.  The fans of rhubarb cake recipes will really love this delicacy. 

6. Rhubarb And Ginger Syllabub 

The tangy and light syllabub also falls among the popular rhubarb recipes. It is quick to whip up and devour this delicacy. You use fresh ginger within the rhubarb compote to give it an additional spicy kick. It works perfectly when you swirl it via the creamy filling. 

To enjoy the goodness of this creamy rhubarb, even more, go for a white chocolate mousse coupled with poached rhubarb. For a low-fat version, you can make some strawberry meringue pots and rhubarb as this will only use five ingredients. To get a stunning centerpiece for your party, whip up the boozy rhubarb fool trifle. 

7. Rhubarb Crumble Muffins

These crumble muffins also form another great rhubarb recipe that you can taste. These are generously sized bakes that have a beautiful moist texture that comes from the rhubarb stalks. It has a crunchy topping that captures the real meaning of a crumble. 

These tempting rhubarb and custard muffins will help you to create brilliant bakes.  The oozing custard center gives the plump sponges a luxurious quality. It is still a delicious rhubarb even when you eat it cold. 

8. Russian Shashlik With Rhubarb Sauce 

Apart from the sweet sensation, these rhubarb recipes make an incredible addition to the savory dishes. These are Russian-style lamb kebabs that are enhanced with a drizzle of a rhubarb sauce. 

It is best shared with family and friends especially at spring barbecue or casual gatherings. For elegant dinner party dishes, service the roasted rhubarb together with pork fillets that are stuffed with some pudding. 

9. Rhubarb And Vanilla 

The Rhubarb and vanilla jam are fabulously fruity and you can liberally spread it on toast and is a great choice for rhubarb jam recipes. The compote also works perfectly when you swirl it in a creamy yogurt or porridge. You can use the ginger and rhubarb jam to vary the flavors or serve the rhubarb compote with pancakes or crème Fraiche.  

10. Rhubarb & Ricotta Bread And Butter Pudding 

Combine creamy ricotta with rhubarb in a classic bread and butter pudding to generate one of the best rhubarb cake recipes. It is something that will truly allow you to please a crowd. You can experiment using the ingredients if the other traditional desserts like rhubarb steamed pudding. 


Each of these rhubarb recipes has the capacity to satisfy your cravings. The most important thing is following the right preparation procedure. You can be sure of getting a unique experience from each of these recipes. The taste virtually depends on the ingredients that you have used to prepare the rhubarb. 

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