Write For Us

This is a global platform, and we love to publish your story on your website. Since we are growing a website for the world, we always want writers from different places to share their stories. 

But, as a platform, we need you to meet specific guidelines which we have mentioned below–

  • Above all, we always prioritize uniqueness in your story. We don’t indulge in plagiarism; there should be no plagiarism in the content you share with us. Even a 5% or 7% plagiarism is not tolerable. 
  • You need to make catchy titles consisting of 60 to 64 characters. 
  • The minimum word count of your article needs to be 1000 words. Anything below that is not accepted. Although, we do encourage you to extend if you have any additional info to add. 
  • You need to use H2 and H3 headings in the article. 
  • Grammatical errors should not occur in any of the articles you share.
  • You can use the author’s website and a no-follow tag.
  • If you want to make the author’s website tag as do-follow, you can feel free to contact us at any given time. 
  • You can add a short author bio consisting of 20 to 40 words. 
  • We encourage making your content more informative. For that, you can add bullets, tables, and numbers. 
  • You can add an image free of any copyright.
  • Remember that we don’t accept links or articles related to gambling, casino, or adult sites. 

As we have said earlier, we always respect and value sharing knowledge, and we like to keep it that way. Therefore, once our editors have verified your content, and if your content fulfills the guideline we have mentioned, we will publish it on our site. 

If there is any query relating to anything, you can fill out the contact form or contact us by sending an email to webmaster@redhatmedia.net. We will reach you back within 24 hours.