20 Famous British Food Recipes Of 2022

British food

The world always seems like a better place with some food and lots of love. And we can help you with both! The logic is simple. If food is your primary source of love, then you can access both food and love with the help of some crazy cooking skills. And today, we will nag the Brits for some recipes that make life better under the incessant rains of the United Kingdom.

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So without wasting any further time, let’s check out the top recipes for British food, which are highly relevant and trending in 2022. Then, keep reading to find out more on the same.

20 Famous British Food Recipes Of 2022:

Homemade with love. In other words, I licked the spoon and kept using it.

The whole why is British food so bad is an outdated perspective that needs to be corrected immediately. And we are here to change your conventional perspectives about British food – how? For that, you need to scroll down and check out the top 20 British food recipes trending in 2022.

1. Cream Tea

Cream Tea

When the Duchess of Bedford, Anna, ordered some tea and sweetbreads to munch on one afternoon sometime in the late eighteenth century, little did she know that she was doing the world a favor? Known as the Scot quick bread, the modern scones are all made up of flour and baked inside an oven.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 15 minutesUnsalted butter (50g)
Baking Time: 15 minutesWhite flour (200g)
Total Time: 30 minutesWhite Sugar (1 tbsp) + Salt (pinch)
Milk (125 ml)

2. Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie

Nothing spells comfort louder than a traditionally-made dish of Cotton Pie. This Brtish food item is the perfect comfort food with grounded savory beef and a side of mashed potatoes. If Cottage Pie sounds familiar to you, then it’s because of its similarity with Shepherd’s Pie, which is just made from lambs instead of beef.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 30 minutesOlive oil (3 tbsp)
Cooking Time: 1 hour 3o minutesMinced Beef (1 ¼kg )
Total Time: 2 hoursChopped Onions(2), Carrots(3), and Celery sticks(3)
Chopped Garlic cloves (2)
Plain flour (3 tbsp)
Tomato purée (1 tbsp)
Beef stock (850 ml)
Worcestershire Sauce (4 tbsp)
Thyme sprigs(few) and Bay leaves(2)
Red wine (large glass)

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3. Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding

The word pudding awakens all the sweet tastebuds in most people, but the Brits. In the United Kingdom, the pudding can also refer to the Yorkshire Pudding, a popular bread-like crispy puff. Its purpose? To soak up all the leftover juices from the roasted beef, it is most commonly paired with.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 5 minutesPlain flour (140 g)
Cooking Time: 25 minutesEggs (4)
Total Time: 30 minutesMilk (200 ml)
Sunflower oil

4. English Breakfast

English Breakfast

While visiting the British food depot, you simply can’t miss out on their famous English Breakfast. It doesn’t get more classic than a traditional English Breakfast, especially since you are wondering what British food to cook for breakfast.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: Lesser than 30 minutesSausages (2)
Cooking Time: Between 10 to 30 minutesBacon rasher (2 to 3)
Total Time: Between 30 minutes to 1 hourFlat mushrooms (2)
Ripe tomatoes (1 0r 2)
Black Pudding (1 thick slice)
Large Egg (1)
Bread (1 slice)

5. Toad In The Hole

Toad In The Hole

Originally discovered as a means of increasing the quantity of meat in low-income households, Toad In The Hole is a traditional dish in the United Kingdom. This famous British food is made up of sausages cooked in Yorkshire pudding mixture or batter and commonly served with vegetables and onion gravy.

Everything That You Need:

Timing Ingredients
Prep Time: 15 minutesChipolatas (12)
Cooking Time: 45 minutesSunflower oil (1 tbsp)
Total Time: 1-hourPlain flour (140 g)
Eggs (2)
Semi-skimmed milk (175 ml)

6. Pigs In Blanket

Pigs In Blanket

If you are looking for some ‘British food near me’, then you are most likely to come across at least one shop selling delectable pigs in a blanket. The thought of those delicious pigs wrapped in meaty blankets makes our mouths water! Think about it when you can cook the same.

Everything That you Need:

Prep Time: 10 minutesSmoked streaky bacon rashers (8)
Cooking Time: 35 minutesChipolatas (16)
Total Time: 45 minutes

7. Crumpets


It might take you some time to nail this, but trust us on this one. Once you learn how to make the perfect crumpets, you will know what we were talking about all this while. Remember, with the right amount of patience, you can not just cook food right but also make it look good.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 20 minutesDried yeast (2½ tsp)
Cooking Time: 45 minutesWarm milk (240ml)
Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutesUnsalted melted butter (2 tbsp)
Sea salt (2tsp)
Caster sugar (2tsp)
Plain flour (470 g)
Baking powder (½ tsp) mixed with warm water (60ml)
Vegetable oil (for greasing)
Cheese or butter (for serving)

8. Kedgeree


It doesn’t get any more local or better than cooking a traditional dish of Kedgeree from scratch. Sounds great, right? Check out the details below and learn how to make a dish of Kedgeree at home!

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 10 minutesSmoked and undyed haddock fillet with skin on (300 g)
Cooking Time: 35 minutesBay leaves (2)
Total Time: 45 minutesMilk (300 ml)
Eggs (4)
Chopped parsley and coriander (handful)
Vegetable oil (2 tbsp)
Curry powder (2 tsp)
Chopped onion (1) 
Ground coriander(coriander) and turmeric (1 tsp)
Long grain, easy-cook rice (300 g)

9. Chip Butty

 Chip Butty

A side of Chip Butty never gets old for anyone living in the United Kingdom. If you have just moved in alone and don’t know much about cooking, this is the dish you begin with, especially if you have guests coming over – lots of alcohol but no snacks? Here’s what you can whip up on a platter.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 5 minutesSalted “chips”
Cooking Time: 15 minutesVinegar and salt
Total Time: 20 minutesWhite bread (2 slices)
Margarine or butter (generous helping)
Malt vinegar, brown sauce, ketchup (a dash)

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10. Faggots


If you were wondering what British food serves as the perfect comfort food, there’s nothing perhaps better than faggots. Easy to prep and even easier to cook, it does take a little more time than most dishes – but you know what they say about time? Good things always take time, and so does good food!

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 30 minutesPig liver (300 g)
Cooking Time: 1 hPork shoulder – diced (500 g)
Total Time:Onion and sage stuffing mix (170 g)
Ground mace (½ tsp)
Thinly sliced onions (2) and Chopped parsley (handful)
Beef stock (850 ml)
Plain flour (3)
Red wine vinegar (1 tbsp)
Sugar (2 tsp)
Sunflower oil (1 tbsp)

11. Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty

Another misleading name that sounds like a dessert but is not technically one is the Cornish Pasty, traditionally filled with a stuffing of vegetables and beef. The crimped sealed edges are true marks of a Cornish delicacy!

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 25 minutesButter (125g)
Cooking Time: 55 minutesLard (125g)
Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutesPlain flour (500 g)
Beaten egg (1)
Finely chopped beef skirt (350 g)
Finely chopped large onion (1) and well peeled medium potatoes (2)
Finally diced swede (175 g)
Grounded black pepper (1 tbsp)

12. Trifle


The trifle is a classic British dessert made from layering several layers of sponge cake, egg custard, and fruit purée or jams. Sounds yummy, right? We are glad because the trifle also happens to be one of our favorite desserts – remember how much trifle Ron Weasley used to gobble? It all started there!

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 45 minutesFrozen fruits (750 g)
Cooking Time: 15 minutesCaster sugar (250 g)
Total Time: 1 hourLeaf gelatine (9 sheets)
Custard powder (75 g)
Milk (1.2l )
Madeira cakes (1½-2)
Cassis or Sherry (4 tbsp)
Double cream (300-450ml)
Vanilla extract (1 tsp)
Icing sugar (2 tbsp)
Amaretti biscuits (2 – crushed)

13. Spotted Dick

Spotted Dick

This traditional spotted pudding can be found at every great British food company or outlet. A quintessential steamed British pudding, check out the recipe below to find out how to make a Spotted Dick at home in a few simple steps.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 15 minutesSelf-raising flour (250 g)
Cook Time: 1 hour 30 minutesSalt (a pinch)
Total Time: 1 hour 45 minutesShredded suet (125 g)
Currant (180 g)
Caster sugar (80 g)
Finely grated lemon (1) and orange zest (1)
Milk (150 ml)
Custard (for serving)

14. Haggis


As we mentioned at the very beginning of this article, the Brits have a completely different idea when it comes to pudding. Puddings are not always looked at as sweet treats but can also be made from meat and taste very different from what you are used to – Haggis is one such example of a meat pudding.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: OvernightOx secum or sheep’s stomach, cleaned and soaked in salted and cold water, overnight (1)
Cooking Time: 2 hours, or moreLungs and heart of a lamb (1)
Total Time: 2 hours or more, plus overnight prepLamb or beef trimmings (450g or 1 lb)
Finely chopped onions (2)
Oatmeal (225 g)
Salt (1 tbsp) and Black pepper (1 tsp)
Mace (1 tbsp), Nutmeg (1 tbsp), and Dried coriander (1 tbsp)
Stock from trimmings and lungs

15. Beef Casserole

Beef Casserole

One of our favorite British food, the Beef Casserole is a traditionally-made beef stew, perfect as a one-pot meal, especially when you don’t want to cook dinner. In true British style, the one-pot dish is amde with beef, though you can always experiment with different forms of meat.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 25 to 30 minutesBraised steak (700g)
Cooking Time: More than 2 hoursSunflower or olive oil (2 tbsp)
Total Time: Nearly 3 hoursThinly sliced onions (2), mushrooms (300g), and carrots (3)
Plain flour (2 tbsp)
Mixed and dried herbs (2 tsp)
Red wine (150ml)
Beef stock (450ml)
Tomato purée (2 tbsp)
Bay leaf (1)
Black pepper and Sea salt
Fresh parsley (for garnishing)

16. Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast

Voted as one of the most popular British food in the United Kingdom, the Sunday Roast is truly the perfect meal for Sunday when you have guests coming over and nothing new to cook! But now you technically do!

Everything That You Need:

Sunday Roast Recipes
Upside-down roast chicken
Barbecued butterflied lamb with olive oil chips
Roast lamb with oregano, pink grapefruit, and chili salsa
Preserved lemon roast chicken with spiced potatoes
Slow-roasted pork belly

17. Bangers And Mash

Bangers And Mash

Most of British food have mashed potatoes as a classic side dish, but not this one. This one’s got mashed potatoes as a main course dish accompanied by juicy, meaty sausages. Great as comfort food and even greater as typical brunch food, check out what you need to whip these up at home.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time:Sunflower oil (1 tbsp)
Cooking Time:Pork sausages (8)
Total Time:Butter (small knob)
Finely sliced small onions (3)
Bay leaf (1) and thyme sprig (1)
Sugar (a pinch)
Plain Flour (1 tsp)
Red wine (1 glass). Red Wine vinegar (1 tbsp), Soy sauce (1 tsp)
Beef stock (400 ml)

18. Black Pudding And Asparagus

Black Pudding And Asparagus

Another misnomer, the British do not sure like their puddings sweet. The Black Pudding is yet another example. Usually made with beef suet or pork fat, the Black Pudding has its meaty origins in both Ireland and Great Britain.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 5 minutesRashers of bacon (6)
Cooking Time: 35 minutesSliced Black pudding
Total Time: 40 minutesAsparagus spears (12)
Sunflower oil (1 tsp)
Eggs (2)
Buttered toast (for serving)
Sauce (for serving)

19. Bread And Butter Pudding

Bread And Butter Pudding

Finally, a pudding that actually tastes sweet. Whipping up the perfect bread and butter pudding is easier than you think. This traditional dessert from Britain might sound like a simple comfort dish, but that’s not true because you can serve the same to guests, which can prove to be a delectable experience.

Everything That You Need:

Prep Time: 20 minutesFull-fat milk (250 ml)
Cooking Time: 45 minutesDouble cream (300 ml)
Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutesVanilla extract (1 tsp)
Large eggs (3) and Egg Yolk (1)
Caster sugar (3 tbsp)
Day-old crusty bread (8 slices)
Salted Butter (50 g)
Mix of currants and sultanas (75 g) 
Lemon zest (½)
Demerara sugar (2 tbsp)

20. Roast Dinner

Roast Dinner

What’s even dinner if it’s not roasted? Better roasted than boiled. The traditional British Roast Dinner contains everything that you need. From roasted potatoes to Yorkshire pudding, a classic roast dinner contains everything that you need!

Everything That You Need:

Roast Dinner Recipes
Roast pork with apple and apricot stuffing
Roast chicken with cauliflower and tahini
Roast lamb stew with garlic and rosemary
Roast pork and pistachio stuffing
Sweet spiced roast beef

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Is The Most Famous Food In The Uk?

The most famous British food in the homeland of the Brits is the delectable Yorkshire Pudding, as voted by the residents of the United Kindom in the official poll hosted by YouGov. The Sunday Roast and Fish & Chips come a close second and third, according to the results of the same poll.

Q2. What Is Famous British Food?

The top five traditional British food are as follows.

• Fish & Chips,
• English Breakfast,
• Bangers & Mash,
• Sunday Roast, and
• Toad In The Hole.

Q3. What Food Did The Uk Invent?

The best food items invented by the United Kingdom are as follows.

• Pot Noodle,
• Hula Hoops,
• Apple Pies,
• Lasagne, and
• Balti curries.

And It’s A Srumpilicious Wrap!

I followed my heart, and it led me to the fridge.

We love experimenting with food – one day, it’s all about good British food and the great British food company, and the next day, it will be all about Asian food. We plan on traveling around the world, hopping from kitchen to kitchen!

Don’t forget to check out our other articles exclusively talking about each recipe in detail. Also, comments are always welcome.

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