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Roast Dinner Recipe 2022 – How To Make Roast Dinner At Your Home

Roast Dinner Recipe 2022 – How To Make Roast Dinner At Your Home

Roast Recipe

The Roman Catholics and the Anglicans have a tradition not to eat non-veg food on specific days of the week. But, according to their conventions, they could eat meat and dairy all day on Sundays. 

If I am not mistaken, the tradition started from the time of King Henry VII in 1485. This traditional British meal is both significant and tasty. It is an exquisite meal you can eat on a Sunday, primarily consisting of roasted meat, potato, gravy, stuffing, apple sauce, and mint sauce.

If your mouth is even a little wet, and you are reading this article on a Sunday, you can try out this roast dinner recipe. 

Make Roast Dinner At Home 

 Roast Dinner At Home 

The Brits have a national roast day, and they. Since it is one of the most important meals, three is no way you are missing it. If you want to cook the perfect roast dinner, here is a roast dinner recipe. I have also listed the ingredients you will need to cook a roast dinner. 

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Roast Dinner Ingredients


When it comes to making the perfect roast dinner, everything boils down to the ingredients. There is no specific cap when it comes to the ingredients. The roast dinner is an arrangement of different dishes. Based on the dishes you prefer, you need to gather the ingredients.

You can choose whatever ingredient matches your taste. However, here is a list of ingredients usually used for roast recipes. 

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Red meat

The first ingredient you need is meat. If you want to eat a vegan roast dinner, you can do that. Roasted beef is the main ingredient of roast dinner recipes in Britain. But, you can also look for alternatives. For instance – 

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Goose  
  • Lamb 
  • Pork 

Of course, you can use the alternatives; but you need to use beef if you are going for the absolute traditional roast dinner. The best meat would be sirloin or rib beef. Since it is a tradition to eat meat, I suggest you stick to the non veg recipe. 

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Yorkshire Pudding


It is also a tradition to serve roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings. This is one of the key ingredients of the roast dinner. You can also eat Yorkshire pudding as a separate food. They are so good that it remains in the Dinner irrespective of the meat. 

You can also keep the Yorkshire pudding in the recipe even if you are not eating meat. 

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The stuffing is another important part of the roast dinner. You can have different stuffing combinations, but sausage meat is most in use. The sausages are cooked with onion and sage. This side dish is an important part of the roast dinner recipe. Smoked streaky bacon works perfectly as stuffings. 

Roasted Potatoes 


Maris Piper is a must-use to create a rough surface for squishy potatoes. The rougher the exterior of the potatoes becomes and the better contrast it creates, the softer inside. Then, all you have to do is to par-boil the potatoes and roast them. 

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Without extra vegetables, the roast dinner recipe remains incomplete. You can use basic vegetables for another side dish besides potatoes. When it comes to vegetables, there are multiple options to look for. 

But you can also follow the list of the traditional options recommended in the list here –

  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Parsnips 
  • Broccoli 
  • Peas 
  • Cabbage 

Although a part of the roast dinner, the British roast dinner recipe consisted of boiled vegetables. But, nowadays, the trend has been to roast the vegetables as well. 


Gravy for roast

The perfect roast dinner is all about serving alongside the tastiest gravy. So putting the gravy beside the Yorkshire pudding and potatoes and meat will almost complete the dish. But how do you make the gravy? 

The gravy is the juice/ extract of the meat you have cooked before. You must make your gravy for the best roast dinner; if you want, you can also make veg gravy. 



The final addition to the roast dinner recipe is the condiments. They fulfill the taste of your roast dinner and complement the rest of the foods. Since most roast dinner recipes contain different types of meat, you need different condiments for these meats. For instance –

  • Horseradish sauce – Beef 
  • Apple sauce – Pork 
  • Mustard – Beef or Pork
  • Mint sauce – Lamb
  • Cranberry sauce – Turkey 
  • Bread sauce – Chicken

I will always recommend you to make the gravy yourself. However, for the condiments, it is better to stick to the ones available in the grocery stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know all about roast dinner recipes, you can follow these popularly asked internet questions to know more about the same. 

Why Is It Called A Roast Dinner?

It is an Anglican and Catholic tradition not to eat meat on specific days of the month. The British people who follow this tradition can eat meat and dairy on Sunday. Eating roasted meat, potatoes, and other foods on Sunday following this tradition is termed a roasted Dinner.

Where Does Roast Dinner Originate From?

Roast Dinner is a Roman/ Anglican tradition. This tradition still remains in the UK. It is currently a British tradition, and the people of the country follow this tradition of eating roasted dinners.

What Should Be On A Roast Dinner?

The roast dinner consists of a variety of roasted foods. For instance, there are roasted meat, roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, and different condiments like apple sauce and mint sauce.

What Is The Most Popular Roast Dinner?

The most popular roast dinner consists of beef. But there are other meats that take the place of meat often. In many cases, chicken is also used for roast dinners. Now, there are vegetable options available as well.

Roast & Toast!

As a traditional Britisher, you cannot miss the chance to taste the roast dinner. Once you gather the ingredients and the dishes I have mentioned, you can have your Sunday roast dinner ready. 

I hope this article helps you taste one of the most traditional British dishes ever. If you manage to make roast Dinner following this recipe, please share your experience with us.

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